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Carmen Bennett plays "Belinda" in Sifting Realities

Sifting Realities hits 6,000 channel views!

Even though we haven’t been able to film any more episodes we are still getting views for our sci-fi web series, Sifting Realities, which is fantastic! So if you haven’t checked it out yet, please give it a view! Here’s the pilot episode:

Action Packed Post Apocalyptic – a 4 star review for After The Virus

There are now 17 reviews for After The Virus on Here is an except from the newest one: Action Packed Post Apocalyptic Read (see full review) – February 9, 2012  – by  Teresa P After the Virus starts with a bang, and the action never stops. Before the virus, our heroine, Rhiannon, was a major movie … Continue reading

Review: After the Virus by Meghan Ciana Doidge

Review: After the Virus by Meghan Ciana Doidge (via Suzie Ivy).

After The Virus now available via iBooks

After The Virus is now available on iBooks. $2.99 (allowing for currency conversions) on all six i-Tunes stores: iTunes Canada iTunes USA iTunes UK iTunes Germany iTunes France iTunes Australia _________ Genre: post-apocalyptic love story Synopsis: After the virus decimates 99.9% of the world’s population, and all traces of humanity along with it, Rhiannon and Will … Continue reading

After the Virus “kicks serious ass”

4 out of 5 stars Kicks serious ass, June 28, 2011 By Scott F Gray This review is from: After the Virus (Kindle Edition) Deftly mixing post-apocalyptic survivor thriller tropes with a wickedly morbid sense of humor, Meghan Ciana Doidge’s “After the Virus” manages to be both the funniest and most kick-ass action/adventure narrative I’ve … Continue reading

After the Virus – Another Review

5.0 out of 5 stars June 22, 2011 By Mark McLeod This review is from: After the Virus (Kindle Edition) Great book! The main character is an actress trying to survive the dead new world, which is a new approach to the Zombie genera [sic]. The book tells the story of her travails and the people she … Continue reading

After the Virus – A Review

4.0 out of 5 stars Survival Of The Fittest, June 15, 2011 By R. Jones “music man” (Las Vegas) This review is from: After the Virus (Kindle Edition) Plunge headlong into a decaying world of ruined cities, ruined lives, and ruined aspirations. In “After The Virus” you have a detailed look at a world completely … Continue reading

AFTER THE VIRUS now available through Amazon (.com, .uk & .de)

Old Man in the CrossWalk Productions is please to announce that After the Virus, their first foray into ebook publishing, is now available via Amazon. After the Virus is an action-filled, post-apocalyptic novel set in modern day North American. The tale is told via alternating viewpoints from Rhiannon, who is stuck in kickass, survivor mode, … Continue reading

Coming Soon!

We will launching an ebook, After the Virus, this week. Please stay tuned! FYI – More info can be found under the After the Virus menu.